Increase Your Gaming Performance With The Flashe Glove

With the rise of gaming industry , various companies are coming up with new ideas and innovations to improve the performance of the gamer. Now you can find high quality mouse and keyboards to enhance your gaming skills. Beside these big gaming related product manufacturing companies a small startup company has evolved with a new product : Flashe Glove to help gamers . This glove is build to reduce strain injuries which can occur after gaming for a long time.

Material Used : polyester

Designed In : Sweden

Benefits of using flashe gaming glove :

  • Improves gaming performance
  • Reduces strain injuries
  • Rotation support
  • Angle improvement
  • Reduces friction for faster movement
  • Reduces muscle stress
  • Improves blood circulation
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  1. Dear bro,
    Pls share best sensi setting and recoil control tips for real me 2 pro.. I will be very glad if I got it…. Pls bro @kronten ???