Pubg Mobile Announcement : Vikendi Map Hype

So here comes the exciting update from pubg mobile : Vikendi Map ( Snow Map ). They have officially announced that vikendi map will be available in their latest update which rolled out on 18 Dec 2018 and players have to update it before 25 Dec 2018 to get some extra benefits. Below we have listed all the features which rolled out in the latest patch update :

  • Vikendi Map : This snow map has a size of 6km*6km
  • Snow theme is added to the main theme like it was during the halloween festival.
  • Arabic language support
  • Cross server matching
  • New reporting system : Players can report suspicious behaviour while spectating enemy.
  • Firearms finish upgrade system added
  • Season spending rewards will be available


Some Extra benefits if you upgrade before 25 DEC 2018 : Outfit Box III (7d) xl  & 1,888 BP . Update the game asap and enjoy the latest snow map .

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