PUBG Mobile | Campus Championship – Grand Finals | Official

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  1. Kronten bro our community is growing rapidly and this website will play important role in it.
    Well done bhai jaldi se 1M pahuchna hai
    Bahut badiya.

  2. I also want to join godlike clan bro.. I am a good mobile player just want some good team mates to grow..

  3. Hi kronten! I’m daksh and I’m 16 . I want to be a part of ur clan GODLIKE. I play pubg on mobile and I’m in crown 1 going in ACE. My PUBGM name is ST4RB0I ( ZERO HAI )

  4. I want to join GODL×CLAN I am in crown 5 but I will try to reach ace as soon as possible so I hope you chose me kronten and team.Name in game Dawood YT there is no space between alphabet so seach it and my level is 46

  5. I am arup i want to join your clan kronten
    My game name is xarupx, my rank is ace i want to join godlike clan bro please take me
    My game id is 5124290010

  6. Kronten bhaiya mujhe apka clan join krna hai uskeliye Kya karna parega? Bhiaya I m 16 years old Kya meh apka clan join karasakta huu?

  7. pls i would like to join your clan.. M a big fan of yours but i knw to dont have time so let get straight
    My wins=189